16 July, 2007

I am having this feeling of deja vu writing this post. Well its just not a feeling but a reality. I am being faced with a similar situation again. I mean this has never happened to me and I am not sure what Life is trying to teach me. I know what it is but I dont understand why I am learning it from people I consider as friends! I mean don't these mean things in life are inflicted by mean people whom you can hate and curse cause they are not your friends. You learn those lessons and move on. But when its friends that inflict that pain then how can you remain a friend to them. Well, that seems like a choice you make. To become bitter from the experience and change or still be the nice person you are forever, but get hurt from time to time. I think I choose the second. Cause the first I leave it to the others and that is much more a harder task for me than the second.

How can your own friends be inconsiderate to you? Even my knees shake cause I have not had food for the whole of 7hours were I need to rush around serving some drunken fools and the whole deal. I need to come back and eat with my friend who waits for me til 3 without eating! My Boss asks me why is he waiting if he is not your boyfriend? And I answer cause he is my FRIEND. well, thats what friends do dont they? Or Do I just have a bunch of them that just dont? I dont like that I am thinking this way...

I have been going to the church for the past two months and I have sat through more than Five sermons. And the only thing that I remember is this:

The pastor and his wife had decided that they wont give each other presents on Christmas as they would use that money to go on the skiing trip that they have been saving up for. They were on the trip in the Alps enjoying the Christmas eve when the pastor's wife comes up to him and gives him a gift. The flabbergasted pastor, who had not bought his wife anything not even a card, then realised that there are sometimes you need to show in Action that you love a person and care for them rather than use words that in the end lose their meaning, and most importantly worth, for you actions are not coinciding with your words.

I dunno the scriptures. I dont know whats written in the Bible. But what I know is God is Just. I keep questioning myself at every thought I have... Am I right to think this way about my friends? Am I at any point not being considerate to anyone I know? Maybe I just dont realise it like they dont.
I am not sure whether this is God's word. But his actions I interpret... Jesus came to earth and loved all.. the sick, the rotten. If we need to do everything in God's name...Do we?

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Prude said...

Your being hurt is warranted...only people you care about can hurt you. Don't delve too much into the right and wrongs of things.
Chin up!
Gimme the biggest puddy Kat meooow purry toothy grin u got!!

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