Life's existential questions and a sip of cold chocolate

17 July, 2007

What are the life's question that cannot be answered by sitting with friends in the middle of the night sipping cold chocolate with mini rolls and fresh fruits??? FaNZ, Tij and Me.

I asked for a smile in reply I got giggles and lots of hugs. Love. Plain Non-Judgemental love. No stupid jokes, none of the topics we had any serious contradictions. Simple reaffirmation of faith and the belief that we are not alone in this world. Not alone, Not alone in being confused. No one has all the answers, some dont even ask these questions, in the end the result is not what is sweet its the journey that makes it all worth while!

At one point we were so sleepy that we forgot what the arguement was; very similar to the emotions I feel for my dissertation. :-) From helping out Tij with his "future of e-tail" To Keep it SIMPLE, to Not killing what is not harming you but still getting it out of the way! (moth tales) and FINALLY watching the sunrise. The beauty of God's endless imagination. Of colours and forms. Of texture and touch. The walk in Northwick park with the cold, wet dew drops tingling in your toes. The casual sound of the cargo train slowly chugging along side our walk and piercing through all that our innocent laughter, with no care in the world just felt like Destiny and God wanted that to be perfect! It was perfect in every imperfection.

I am writing this is bits and pieces. Strings of words cause I cannot explain the exhilaration I feel inside.
The clear conversation through the silence brought in calmness.
Mood: Serene

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ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Tip of the day:
feeling good makes you feel good.
No really, I get stuff like that on my cellphone everyday, and I'd be like ahem, there goes my day!

I'm happy, and so are you.
good for both of us.

Ineed more ice in mmy drink, i guess.

SuziE said...

think ure best post so far...only because it had your best in it :)

Me Thinks.. said...

th e beauty of the post was that it was just wrods strung together, just meaning more than it actually does...

In other words, plain happiness..

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