Mystery of Marriage solved due to ulcers

19 July, 2007

My friend and I have solved the mystery of why people marry. To eat!!! No one likes to eat alone(well there are exceptions and they are the ones who don't marry!!)

A: I am bored to eat alone and don't seem to have time to cook. Lets skip lunch...

lil later: AARRGGHHHH ulcers... I need someone to cook for me.

B: I have no mood to cook and eat alone.

Lil later: I wish there was someone along with me to share and eat.

A and B meet and marry!

What are u doing this evening??
Lets go out for dinner tonight!!!

7 Scribbles:

The Lass said...

nice logic huh!

Me Thinks.. said...

aiyo tsu,
this could have been only you! ;)

crumbs said...

so true! so true!
i kw that marriage HAD to be bout food...everything else is ;D

pRicky said...

NO NO dinner!!!

H said...

that is profound, succinct and you should be a social anthropologist.

FaNcyPaNtS said...

are you done with your dissertation...?? i don think so...
and your spending time solving mystery of marraige..!! great,

marry just to eat....!!he he he he
thats funny

Prude said...

Take me, take me, TAKE ME!!! ;)

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