Love labour lost

30 November, 2007

The whole process of sneaking away to meet Asif is exhilarating. Making secret plans to meet in coffee shops far from the city limits is freedom from boundaries laid by my parents. Poetry was a flair that never failed to run its course. Sporty, funky, cheesy, corny, romantic dialogues suddenly became a part of everyday language. Hearts became sweet and Asif became honey. Yes! He agreed with you, it was an outrageous quote by me. However, I had no care in the world. Reshma and Asif, Asif and Reshma. Perfect. I was in love, in love with a man who was in love with me.

Or so I thought.


Suman: Oh! You are so sweet honey. You really want to go out only with me on that day?

Rahim: I don’t think I want to go out with two three girls on Valentine’s Day. I will be bankrupt being just with one girl.

Suman: *dreamy eyed* how lovely he is. He wants to go out only with one girl and that’s me.

Rahim: *mumbles* One girl is better than no girl!

Suman: I wuvvvv u!!

Rahim: :-)


Asif pacing around worried. He has no knowledge of the position Reshma is in. He has just lost his job and it has come in the most awkward of all times. They had planned that Asif would claim Reshma’s hand in marriage in the next fortnight. That thought seems like a fading old painting.

Reshma: How can you do this to me Asif? Now!!! Of all the times? You know how frantically my parents are on a watch out for a boy for me.

Asif: Its not like I wanted to be thrown out of the company. A merger happened and they “trimmed the edges”. I am telling you just the way they framed it and broke the news to me.

Reshma: How long is it going to take for you to find another job?

Asif: I am still reeling in shock, Reshma. I will need atleast a couple of months unless I settle for a call center job for immediate cash.

Reshma: Immediate cash??? You want immediate cash? I want you to have an immediate permanent job, Asif…

Asif: I will talk to you later. You are being of no support to me when I need it the most.

Reshma: Look whose talking about support? The one who had a job, the one who loved me and the one who was going to ask for my hand in marriage? I don’t think you are capable at this point to support me Asif and if I am not convinced where will I convince my parents?


Chime of the wedding bells can be heard from a distance. There were rumors about the bride having a prior affair and it was not with the groom. Despite that rumor and to the amazement of her parents she was getting married. Many say Rahim is one lucky guy to have gained Reshma’s hand. Did you like see her picture in the newspaper in the ad about her marriage? So precious, so beautiful she looks. I always wondered why they place the obituaries with news of happiness.

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Me Thinks.. said...

Now I know why I can never write fiction...u r so good at it..

I would have brought in a character exactly like me...

love's labour seriously lost..

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