12 November, 2007

What do you do when the excitement is gone?
What do you do when you do the same monotonous job and still make mistakes?
What do you do when you see the wrinkles at the corner of your cheek?
What do you do when there is no way but down?
What do you do when far seems distant?
What do you do when all you feel is nothing?
What do you do when your words dont stir an ounce of emotion?
What do you do when you see in to the eyes of a person you love and all you can see is you?

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Me Thinks.. said...

Post it! And say so much in just eight lines...Thats what you do..

What do i do? I read it and tell you that i am not surprised that you know what I am going through...

And that rhymes, cos Tsu
I love you...

Look into my eyes ;)
Beautifully written..

Anonymous said...

in numerical order the answers

1 - do it again
2- quit
3- talk about good old days,whine about present
4- stand on your head - upside down i mean
5-wear a lens
6-vow to drink less, henceforth
7-use new words, watch more movies, steal dialogues
8-say shit

Anonymous said...

I don't know about me, but what you do... is blog. :P

ujju said...

leave the damn job woman! its making u braindead! putting all unhappy thoughts in you head. first of all leaving for wokr at 7.30 itself means all thi 'emptiness in life' type thoughts will come.
but the lines make sooo much sense!
What do you do when your words dont stir an ounce of emotion?--- been there :(

sravan said...

i write sad poems that are really sad!

some hopelessly still look for a super-self in the other eyes. it hurts 2 realize it never wil/can hapen again - been there and done that ..

some smile and move on!

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