Short comings

23 November, 2007

Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel that you are getting a much better deal than the other person is? It is not that you as a person is any less from the "significant other" (in a non-dating sense). You are smart, intelligent, confident with lots of personal friends, a life filled with activities and still you feel that this person, lets call him/her A, is providing you with much more support than you bargained for? Maybe you are claiming more or A is giving more to you. Either ways I have in this one particular circumstance felt that I am receiving more from A than me providing for A.

I am not in any case belittling myself, I am not lowering my self esteem but you do realise and estimate the amount of visible changes another person undergoes when you are with them.Or how much of a change you have undergone being with them, obviously for the better.

The question is How do I give it back? How do I know I am making a difference in the other person's life? Communication, I have come to understand, is much more easier with strangers. I really find it hard to tell certain things on the face!

Short comings!!!

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Golden Words said...

if A is a guy,
bake him a cake.. give him a hug when he meets u next.. kiss him in the middle of the street when he's least expecting.. go with him to a sports bar.. challenge him to a game of sports..
its the little things that matter..
Guys like to 'support' their better-halves, its in their nature.. believe me when i say this, they dont expect anything in return..
And hey if you are getting a better deal in a relationship, enjoy..

[almost typed 'enjoy while it lasts', but deleted hoping for eternal love]
all the best dear..

ujju said...

as i mentioned.. :)

well he aint gettin nothin from u coz he dont want it!

Me Thinks.. said...

Yes I am receiving a better deal from A...but I have drawn the line..I cant give it back in anyway...

You are asking the right questions...


Tsu said...

@G.W: I dont believe in eternal love either!!! :)
@Ujju: Aren't u a bundle of joy?
@MT: in ure case ure doing the right thing!!

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