Om Shanti Om

17 November, 2007

The beginning and the end- circle of life!, very cliched terms, yet the movie was anything but normal. It was a definite blast into the past movie where Shah rukh khan has brought so much entertainment and excitement in what I term as rather boring movies of the 70s.

Dharmendra's dance, Jitentra's jumpy moves, Mithunda's disco dance, the tender loving heroine with batting eyelids (not much seems to have changed Govinda's pumps, Hrithik's flexy bod and Deepika Padukone's sly look sideways) was a complete laugh riot. Again I wonder why Manoj Kumar felt defamed. I call it publicity. Why would they need it when the movie will live up to the hype.

If you have seen the old movies like Karz, KKHH you will more easily get the jokes and love the way Farah Khan has found the connection to imbibe them in this movie. Hats off to her, or should I say psychedelic shirts off to you. (Dada in the 70s??? hmmm :-) How SRK manages to bring out that sweet emotion of love. Starry eyed love, where nothing else in the world exists. Reality is not a reminder, friendship not an obstacle, Love absolutely pure. Brilliant. Cause this does not usually happen in real life yet it is absolutely filmy. Did somebody say Reel life is the reflection of real life? Girls you would wish some guy would look at you that way. Melting. heart melting puppy faced look of love! only SRK i say!!! No other hero could have pulled that off.

And the six packs!!! Can someone pack him up for me puhleez!!! :-) I thought that looked horrid on tv. Wait and watch it on "take repeat" you will be astounded! This movie will prove why he rules, why he de King Khan!!! :) 3 months??? I cant even get up from my office seat!!! :) anyway gettin back to the movie. this was the first time I nearly lost all consciousness of the surroundings. I dropped my helmet twice from my hand and my cell was falling out of my purse but my attention was all on the movie. My jaws dropped and I was completely mesmerrised, starry eyed and whateve jazz!!!

Mein tumhe bore tho nahi kar rahi hoon na???

2 Scribbles:

Me Thinks.. said...

your last line and mine are the same!

And yes I agree with everything you said except that the 70s movies were boring!!!

They were not! but not your type hehee! Even I thot his six packs loooked sad, but thats what i was drooling over...
helmet fell but who saved??? ;)

sravan said...

king khan, yea! and the look in his eyes, yuppie, i can imitate, try me ;).

unpardonable, u left out mentioning "enna rascala" !! :D. i laughed like i was bein tickled in the foot.

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