Golden Globe, BAFTA and now the Oscars?

10 February, 2009

After waiting for a really long time, I finally caught Slumdog Millionaire on the big screen. I can describe my reaction in three small words. I loved it.

I cannot possibly comment on whether this movie is a worthy contender for the Academy awards simply because my tastes in movies are completely different. I might like one and not like another and both would be nominated for the award. But I can definitely say this, contrary to what many believe, Slumdog Millionaire has been made in good taste.

Amitabh Bachchan, most often remembered as the angry young man of Bollywood cinema, posted comments on his blog which accused the film of projecting India as a Third World country with a "dirty underbelly". I want to ask him this: Did you actually watch the movie Mr.Bachchan? And the question to your question, have we ever tried? And made a movie this good? If you haven’t, other directors haven’t, then obviously we wouldn’t ever know whether that movie would be nominated for the Oscars would we?

What I took away from the movie was a new or renewed Indian dream. It does not have to be making money by attending a reality television program, it is about keeping your dreams alive, and however difficult the path may seem to be. Even a person living in one of Asia’s largest slums learns something from life. It is also about ever lasting love and commitment in a place which has so many more factors that could tear apart a couple. It shows India for how it is. Aren’t all the actors in the film industry surviving because of the crazy fans waiting for a glance, a word of appreciation for thinking of him between the few meals they beg? Would you sign an autograph which has poo on it?

Is this the face of jealousness?

Why are doctors generally not allowed to treat their family? It is because they are emotionally attached and might not be able to focus on the disease at hand. Similarly, may be India needed a second pair of eyes to see and say the way it exactly is.

Sadly in this case, many Indians who feel strongly about India, “patriots” if you may like, have concentrated on how badly India has been portrayed - - kids running amidst dirt and garbage – while all the movies with the husbands beating the wives, rape, Sati, child marriages and physical abuse by fathers, brothers are let to float around in the movie halls without a decibel of noise created. Only because it was directed by fellow citizens? And I am pointing fingers at the movies that, in a way, celebrate these inhuman actions.

Again, I loved the movie. The casting is beautiful. I felt a little weird about Anil Kapoor’s fake accent but he turned out to be a better choice than SRK. One man’s loss is another man’s gain innit? :-) I loved the character of Jamal, at all ages. The brother Salim’s actions and reactions are tainted with the love for Jamal who is in his way to attain a quick buck.
So my rating is: “Must by hook or crook watch it” and an added Kudos :)
Will this movie win an Oscar? The wait is not too far…

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jus me... said...

Sudden thought... maybe the innocence of Jamal is possible only because his elder brother shields him to an extent. Their personalities develop as circumstances directed.So Salim is ruthless (enhancing that jealous, cunning streak he always had) and Jamal retains the innocence. And Salim loves them in their own way... it makes an interesting triangle eh?

Tsu said...

@jus me... dude u are fast!! :) yes mabbe that is it but initially also, Salim was a fighter and this one a lover.. if u kno what I mean!

jus me... said...

lol clicked on blogger 3 minutes after your post was posted :-) thot wud read it first before editing my stuff

Tsu said...

@jus me... touched! :)

pRicky said...

OK guys get a room!!!

TSU: Well done!!!

For once you have done justice by calling blind patriots idiots. IF they can't see the film in perspective too bad. IF a foreginer makes a movie and shows India how it is and you feel the india shown is lousy.. Well too bad all you INDIA is GREAT groupies cause well it isn't near great yet...

The movie is a good film a cinematographer's delight. I do believe though that all the exulting Indians shouldn't be this happy cause it is not an INDIAN film but just a film with an INIDAN story and characters. MUCH like BLOOD DIAMOND which is not an AFRICAN film but one with the story set in the continent.


@ JUS ME: Salim was always the ID driven while Jamal mostly ego driven...

kshitij said...

have read a lot abt slumdog but urs is the most honest review that can be...wish bachan saab(iwth all due respect) could have a read too :)

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