Dev D

09 February, 2009

Dev D - - the bewada.

The movie is a “Must Watch”. The first half of the movie is the best part. There are some dialogues that are rib tickling funny. The humour is subtle. Yet the subtleness of it all is obvious.

What can I say about Abhay Deol??? I have become a fan of his! He looks great on screen and I am feeling the same way I felt after watching Socha Na Tha – happy!

Towards the end, the movie kind of dragged on and you wonder where it is headed but the sentiments, reactions, consequences of your actions etc that are shown in the movie are so natural and real. God will agree that I have done some of those things depicted in the movie.

It isn’t make believe story, not pretentious or preachy. The film is shot in the now and how.

I am not sure if I loved it but I did enjoy it!

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kshitij said...

now I really have to see the movie and guess wht might be the things in the movie tht u have done;)...and you need to see 'oye lucky lucky oye' n 'manoram 6 feet under' (prob u already hv) show stealers from Abhay Deol..he is surely one of the best character actors n certainly the bet among deol's

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