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11 February, 2009

It is the week that leads to the V-day. Naturally, all the papers have something or the other related to love and Valentine’s Day. Some how or the other, people tend to forget the story about how the day came into being. Hence, there are loads of reminders that do the rounds.

Here are the links to a few articles that caught my eye. I will keep updating the list from time to time. If I do stop, then I am bored with the topic :)

Let me start with something close to my heart. In my own backyard, so to speak. I wanted to write about this the day it started but then I felt so strongly about it that nothing but profanity emerged on paper. Somethings are better left unsaid but definitely gifted! Because chaddis are forever.
-- Facebook women say 'knickers' to pub ban bullies

This is one of the articles that I read - - my top pick. How to bank on the romantic cash strapped citizens of the world. Well, it is not that grave but it is highly romantic and private.
- - Heart-shaped island highlighted by Google Earth becomes hit with lovers

The following article is to throw caution into the wind. If you are proposing, the time and place is quite important and it would save you a hell of a lot of trouble if you know the person is going to say yes. A proposal really tests the person’s judgement of how romantic he/she can go with the partner. Well, that is if it does work out.
- - Please, no love on the menu

Beat her to V-Day? The news about Rihanna being beaten up by boyfriend Chris Brown has hit all the newspapers. Really a pathetic reminder for all not to stay in demeaning relationships, however hard it is to see other couples in love. Better single than dead.
- - Rihanna cancels Indonesia concert

Until next time :)

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pRicky said...

WHat now is this the page for the quickest update on news relating to the juciest as far as the V day goes???

Tsu said...

not anymore.. boredom struck faster than I thought!! :)

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