Lucky Charm?

05 February, 2009

This is the first time I have written my opinion on a movie that released not too long ago. It released in Jan and I caught it in Jan (waaooww!). And it is making me quite happy. Firstly, it is because of the above stated reason and secondly, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

LuckByChance - - The movie got off to a great start. Konkana Sen positively looked old but beautiful as ever. And honestly, Hrithik is a dream come true. If I was God, my best work would probably look like him. (But then I am sure I would have tried and gotten better ... LuckByRepetition!) I gaped and gawked at him and guffawed at the dress he wore in one of the songs (which at first I thought was atrocious but I begin to see how great the outfit looked on Hrithik) and ogled at his abs. I keep repeating to myself and in my other posts that I am not a great fan of abs but seems to me they have been catching my eye. On my way to Ga-Ga stages I would think!

I did not really like Farhan Akhtar in Rock On. I still think he looked like a wannabe stud boy in that movie. Yes, you have a nice sounding voice (Pls note: not a good voice, just nice sounding) but you do not look like a rock star material. And I absolutely did not fancy the costumes they wore (more like the wardrobe from his closet).

Coming back to Farhan Akhtar in this movie… During the movie, in one of the scenes, if I am not wrong, Dimple Kapadia says that every girl and guy who watches a movie should wish that the hero was her boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, I definitely think he can just about manage to pull that stunt off. He has an endearing appearance; a grateful look which spells out -- I have been hardened by life’s difficulties but love the spice life has to offer kind of look going on for him, which I must say is a rarity and pleasant to watch.

Dimple Kapadia, Rishi Kapoor and the other actors in the movie were just brilliant. The exaggerated dialogues, which were never over done, fit perfectly into the mood of the movie. I have never got the opportunity to meet any director but if I had to conjure up one, the person would be just like Rishi Kapoor. Loud, takes credit for ideas that are not his, obnoxious when and to whomever he wants to and hilarious to watch. The other heroine, or of the movie, was nice. She played her part. She played it so well that I want to see her in another movie to actually grasp whether or not she can act.

Other than the fact that the movie’s focus suddenly and abruptly changed, I think the ending was marvellous. There are some people who I know, got everything easy. I thought they were lucky and then it changed. So I know it’s important to have luck and be lucky but no one can have it forever. In the end, you live the way you want despite changing luck. You are walking -- If it rains take out your umbrella, if it is sunny were your goggles but – keep walking!

Out of my ratings of - - Don’t even try, May be if you are bored, Yeah why not, Must watch and Must by hook or crook watch it - - I would give this movie a “Must watch”. Enjoy :-)

3 Scribbles:

jus me... said...

Yummy (ok had to say it lolz)

you forgot to mention the rings... the numerous rings on Rishi Kapoor's hands - the producer's net :-)

i loved Aktar in Rock On too... that was supposed to be wannabe and rude and casual... pakkad mane dove sorta guys ;-)

Prude said...

Tsu I watched and I belched! :-( It was a very ordinary movie and not well treated at all. In a way I found it empty and have no idea what sort of message the director was trying to give out.

And Hrithik's body did not (I repeat DID NOT) look good in black net!

I liked akhtar...he performed the charactor very naturally but that was probably the only saving grace of the movie.

Tsu said...

@jus me.. yeah I forgot to mention the rings!! damn! the best part and Juhi perfect wife to him na??
@Prude: you dint like it huh? dint even enjoy it? It wasnt diff but leave ure brains at home fun!!! with loads of friends to drool. I like abs!!! I must admit.. quite a quick change in me!!! :D

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