An affair with Paris

29 June, 2007

Romance in a nut shell
cracking illuminations galore,
a glory at night

the soft nibbles by the wind
necking moans of intimacy
subtle whims by the Seine
Pont Neuf glancing over my shoulder

Rose tainted glass of Notre damn
beckoning, teasing and tempting
cornering your heart with ease
a gargoylish fervor to match

each stroke on my slate clean
paints a different color
a cheek has never seen this red
vanilla skirting on the hips
sacred heart soaked in sinful indulgence

Windmill swaying the will
leather n chemise
a musical high note
unsung yet resonates in thyself

Standing erect in his towering presence
metallish devil look conquering wonder
proving his mettle
climbing stairs to heaven above
challenging those who dare n fear

lips parted in motion of spelling
sparkling in the twilight
Grey clouds and deep blue sky
Huddling together for warmth
sighing a calmness
making love to cupid

5 Scribbles:

Me Thinks.. said...

Making love to cupid... just the perfect ending..
I feel like I visited paris..
Beautiful Imagery...

~P~ said...

hmm i see!!! interesting!! am i to read more about the experiece?? niccccce!!ranasarita

pRicky said...

ok that does it...
censorship issues have to be raised...

Word Verif: Akwrd

Prude said...

OK I really dunno why I'm blushing...but I oh so am!! ;)

Tsu said...

@~P~ wish someething would have happened. Will tell you def!!! :)
@pricky: poda...
@prudeee: I am glad u are.. Paris is really hot while making love.. easy to fall in love with him!

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