16 December, 2008

Today, I got mad at two people who had done nothing but the mistake of calling me and happening to be at the receiving end, of my anger and telephone.

I cannot and do not have the means to call them back and ask for forgiveness and the worst part is if I don’t ask for it today then it won’t make a difference to me tomorrow. This is my selfish need to feel better now.

First is this guy who called from ABN AMRO. I have picked up worse customer care executives’ phone calls and been courteous to them. I was determined to yell at the next one who called from that bank and this time the guy was not annoying. Tough luck

Second is this lady who my father passed his phone to from a sari shop. She was one of the sales people in SM Silks (I might be wrong about the shop’s name because there are so many of them and I really don’t care to remember them). He called me incessantly, when I was on SEC filing slot (at a time when there was news pouring in and only two of us to manage it). I finally picked up the call, imagining the worst of things, to find out that he wanted to know which colour sari I was looking for. Then he thrust the phone into the sales woman’s hands and I, very impatiently and in a curt manner, said that I cannot talk to her as I am busy at work. I also said, please I am only 23 so don’t give saris which older people wear. And after all that jazz, she was sweet enough to explain the colours and ask me to choose, over the phone. (I know it sounds annoying but if I was at the receiving end of me I would have banged the phone down, but then my dad is paying some few grand. Stating that, I shouldn’t forget that she is human and has the right to be treated nicely).

I am pissed with myself.

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Prude said...

You're simply pissed because you misdirected your anger both times. two people who should not be at the receiving end were, and well ur still frustrated.

but, that's opay. Occassionally, everyone needs to let off steam and breathe easy. don't be too hard on yourself.

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