Year gone, Year ahead!

23 December, 2008

Another year came and went by. Every other television channel has this program about the year 2008. They have slimy program names like “The year that was” or “Total recap 2008.” So I thought why not write a small recap of what I thought were the highlights of this year. This is in no particular order.

Change in order: Barrack Obama became the first black president of America. Although there was much talk about how the United States of America had come of age, but I believe that they saw in him a steadier, worthier personality than John McCain who would help them through the credit crunch. This brings on my next topic.

Lay-offs, buy outs and Chapter 11: There was more than meets the eye. But what did meet the eye, was unpleasant repercussions. Oil prices rose, people lost their jobs, oil prices fell, people lost their pension plans, oil companies started shutting down, tax payer’s money, their money, is being spent not on them but on the Wall Street. And this is just the beginning. (Like a sinister one liner in a thriller movie)

Terror, Panic and the Foot in Mouth syndrome: The book “India shinning” which unfortunately did not do too well has been succeeded by another book called “Terrorism in India.” It is characterized by its immediate presence in our country. Pages of failed intelligence, screwed up national security, irresponsible comments from well-known celebrities and politicians are added to the book each day. The final launch of the complete works is still kept aside indefinitely.

Moving in, moving out, the Chennai saga continues: Both my best friends, who used to live in Chennai, got married and got out of the country. My mom, because of whom we came to Bangalore 5 years back, has got her promotion and has been transferred back to Chennai.

Amidst all of this and much more, my blog turned a year older (again!!!). I created this space December 2005 and the blog has completed three years of existence. I want to do something special or write something nice. As I cannot think of anything out of the ordinary, I will accept pRicky’s suggestion of choosing my five favourite posts. One from each year is a restriction which I do not want to lay on myself. So let me see… (Present to past format)

Shades: Dec 11, 2008
Shoe story: 23 August 2007
Mystery of marriage solved due to Ulcers: July 19, 2007
Heads or tails: October 12, 2006
A night to remember: December 16, 2005

Things keep happening and keep changing. And then there are certain things that don’t. I still want to kiss Keanu Reeves. I still love travelling. And I can never get enough of writing that too when I am at work! :- )

Mood: Happy, and wanting to waste time at work
Place: Office
Time: Christmas week

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pRicky said...

Frankly! I agree with your choice. But I shudder to think if I had to make the choice I would not be able to!
You realise that suddenly you are talking about serious issues of an year! My friend is all grown up and understands what a fiscal year means! Sniff!
But you still didnt remember to add links to your posts so people can click and read! Sigh!

Tsu said...

@pRicky: I dint want to give a link cause its right there! all you need is some MOVES huney! :)
Fiscal, Calendar= its all up here in ma brain!!! :D
I can choose in a second the posts I like, what I cant choose when u give a choice btw shoes, clothes, men etc etc :D

pRicky said...

OK Next post...
Top five shoes and men and clothes and icecreams!!!

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