P for Pinkie

19 December, 2008

I read this really cute (which translates into informative) article about the pinkie finger.

If you did not know about its strengths, now you do. And about Dana Scarton’s plight.

And for fun, these are a few snippets about the Pinkie finger that I rummaged through the internet (which means I got the info from the first site link I clicked on) to find.

1. People with long little fingers have a high intelligence. (Small pinkies with long finger nails don’t count. Hygiene please!)
2. Holding up the pinkie, as you all know from childhood days, means that you want to pee. Pee for Pinkie
3. In Belgium, you hold up your pinkie finger to order beer. (Maybe some where, at some point of time, the Indians went to a bar in Belgium! Connect the dots.)
4. Last, but not the least, a new (or rather I am noticing them now) trend among the young men in India is to link their pinkies as they walk on the road. (And this is NOT because they are gay. Human Chain? Denial? Go figure!)

I have noticed that if I try to bend my Pinkie finger, I cannot without the ring finger following in its path. My pinkie, the leader! (Many, I have heard can bend their pinkie without having to bend the ring finger.)

Anyway, if you come across more do add em ...


3 Scribbles:

jus me... said...

I know the last one. I have photographic proof!!! :-)

Prude said...

Do all these observations apply to the toe pinkie?

Gosh dat might be painful in a belgium pub!

Tsu said...

@Jus me: I rem.. went around taking pics of some more that day on my mob. then saw it again. deleted them. whatta waste of memory!
@Prude: u must be really flexible (and a have a strong bladder) to lift up pinkie toe to indicate that u wanto pee!
in a Belgium pub lift up another guy's pinkie toe and u have a party!!! :)

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