11 December, 2008

"Journeys end in lovers meeting,Every wise man's son doth know."
- William Shakespeare

Ever seen a woman on whom you would dare to use a pick up line? And have you ever borrowed a corny line from a well known movie hoping that it would work? Then I suggest, next time, you think again about where you pick up your pick up lines from. Data asks us to look in to literature!

A report on dating suggests that women are impressed if a guy has read Long walk to Freedom (Nelson Mandela), likes Shakespeare, poetry and cook books.

For more information click on the article that was published on the Guardian named “Want to find a woman? Just go by the book”

"O mistress mine, where are you roaming? O, stay and hear; your true love's coming."

2 Scribbles:

Prude said...

Love it!

Thanks! :-) That helped ;-)

jus me... said...

the next guy that asks me for an intro to u or ur number, i'm make him read shakespeare and quote it to u :P

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