Chennai Dosa

12 June, 2007

I was just talking to one of my friends and He voiced out exactly what I was thinking and writing actually. I miss Masala Dosa!!! I am not a foodie as such, I love food n eating different cuisines. But there are these certain food items that I just cannot not have. I remember I was sitting in Shiv Sagar near my Chirst College just before leaving for London and thinking OH GOSH I know for sure that I WILL miss Dosa in London. And I was not wrong!!!

2 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

i'm sure there are places that have dosas in london too...i mean there has to be!
if there actually is not, maybe you can start one! with all the tamilians and mallus roaming around the place (not to forget the northies who go ga-ga over dosa) i'm sure you'll earn like shit loads of money. :D
then you get to have your dosa and eat it too (or something like that...honestly i never understood what the idiom was supposed to mean anyways)

Me Thinks.. said...

HMMM... i Love masala dosa...come back and we will go have plenty of them...;)

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