Sensual Yonder

05 June, 2007

Trickles of fantasy
Exploding the imagine to sparkle
Sarong of sounds caressing
The shores of yonder.

A trinket lazily on the naked ankle
Arched noiselessly on the moist whip of lust
Single breathe on her breast
Allegory to rise and fall, many a men.

Three metals twist
insatiable on her wrist
Cold yet sober to her skin
Galaxy of mimes
fails every expression
Is this to me, become a twin of two?

6 Scribbles:

pRicky said...

two of a twin??
word verification which i hate btw
fuc us
or another bversion could be
fuc u s

sravan said...

whoa! d 2nd stanza is quite a mind-blowin imagination. an needless 2 say, ur english stumps me time n again!

crumbs said...

ahem! again, ahem!

Tsu said...

@pricky: yeah twin of two!!
@sravan: thanks man...:)
@crumbs: waaaa???;-)

Me Thinks.. said... sexy! loved every word...moist whip of lust, naked ankle..what amazing imagery!!

too good...

vidi said...

the complex has reached its limit! what the hell are you doing PR course when every letter of every stanza is screaming out another destiny for you!

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