It always happens to me

21 June, 2007

There are these things that always happen to you. No matter where you are and in which state of mind you are in. Like, when you want to stand in a queue which you think is shortest, the longest line will move faster than yours. Or just when you reach the counter in a cinema theatre they place the house full board. All these incidents seem to be related to the wait one has to go through to get to what they want and when they actually do, come near IT happens.

The only incident I remember as I write this post is my passport application. Of all the million applications the passport office send to the Police Commissioner’s office only mine got lost and got to sent to a God forbidden place far from the Bangalore city stations. The people who had applied after me got theirs done before me.

Well, like MT says, “Life’s like that”.

It was a sudden impulsive decision to go for Sivaji. The movie theatre in Wood Green, which was 45min by tube from the place I live. We had half hour to get ready and we had booked the tickets online (mercifully!!!). Two tube changes. We could easily make it if it was for… the “it happens only to me effect!”

  • We just missed one train by a matter of seconds. (In India, it would be that all the autos, which otherwise would have been lining up, have vanished into thin air or full with passengers.)
  • The tube which we got was only till Baker Street. (Needed to go till King’s Cross, which means waste of five min waiting for the next train or take the Bakerloo line) We decided to wait for the next Metropolitan train. Tick Tock. Tick Tock! Late and delays in the lines.
  • Change to Picadilly line. Delay again. It had to happen to our line. We saw a train going the opposite way, on the parallel line, stop after us and take off before us. Sigh!
  • The show was to start at 19.45 and we reached there 19.50
  • We end up in the wrong entrance.
  • When we reached there was a long queue.

Only one line and it was moving at a fast pace and I was happy that we might probably miss only the first five min as opposed to 10-15min late we thought we would arrive. I was one lady away from the counter. The person at the counter moves away and the lady in front of me walks towards the counter, when the ticket issuer gets up to go inside. The lady shakes her head and walks back to the line. I smile and tell her, “always happens to you doesn’t it???”.

7 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

yes it does
(always happen to me that is :))

pRicky said...

i just dont notice or i am asleep most times...
you decide!!!

~P~ said...

I say...Why does it happen to me?? hee hee....well Life's like that is!!! lol

Mohammed S Nulwala said...

Sometimes the unexpected becomes expected.

So you should roll on to come foreword.

Prude said...


Nice ending :)

Me Thinks.. said...

He he!
damn nice...I have had this feeling so many times....always happens..

Tsu said...

@et all: I tell you it always happens!!!

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