Ingenious idea

04 June, 2007

The rules have apparently changed and this is nice!!!

there is only one rule to this tag!!!
* If ure tagged you have to write nice stuff about me in ure blog!!

1. FancyPants is damn good fun to be with. Any crazy stuff you want to do he will be there on your side nodding his head vigourously!!!

2. Awesome dancer!!! :-) Rang de and tempted to touch you!

3. I had the best Road Trip with him!!! I think we started off singing on the bike and then ended up near Yelahanka, thirsty, hungry and absolutely broke!!! Finally ate in Banshankari! All for money and none at all!

4. Good dressing sense and his shoes!!! ha ha ha....

5. One word: Momos! He is the most sensible and sensitive guy I have ever met who knows exactly when I want momos and he will get it to you even before you ask for it!!! The best suprise gift I have ever been this excited and suprised about!!!

6. He can start dancing in the middle of anywhere and I love that he has no inhibitions and restrictions in his head!

7. I taught him Psycho and he passed with flying colours in the third year... (oh we need to say only nice things about the person!!! damn...) well then he listens well !!! =)

8. He has a gun to my head but he has promised that he wont shoot. NICE BOY!!! He hehe...

Now I tag (buhuhhahahhahahaaaa)
Pricky, MT, Crumbs, Prude, Moi, Sravan (this is some sort of revenge for knowing me for less time)

4 Scribbles:

FaNcyPaNtS said...

my no more expensive shoe he he he...
well thanks you have writen the post with sense and sensibility
and thanks for the "flying colours"
i had more fun reading it with you..

sravan said...

idhu booooong. i need more timeeeeeeeeee. vaaydha please! :P

crumbs said...

wtf????now u are forcing me into lying????
damn!!!whatever happened to friends being your conscience keepers???? :P

Me Thinks.. said...

i miss santosh... could see him dancing in the midle of everything and nothing..

nice one... i liked the psycho exam part.. ;)

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