Am I grumbling?

03 September, 2008

I need to get out of here. I need to get out of Bangalore for goddamn good! I need a new life and nice one to boot!

And I want to repeat the above sentences over and over again until I get an answer telling me to how to go about it.

I found the answer is NOT within me.

It is NOT within reach.

How much ever I try, MONEY comes in the way. I found how much ever money I earn it would never be ENOUGH.

I cannot be in my tattered shoes anymore. I am getting a HEADACHE being me.

I am HAVING a headache.

Nothing goes my way. The way I am going is MOST probably and would be the worst possible way I could ever take.

Comes LATE

Goes early

I want to break things. I want to scream like I am in a horror movie. I want to scream because I have to live MY Life!

I want to work and study.

It is so fucking depressing in this place. It is just so fucking depressing! Just so fucking depressing!!

4 Scribbles:

ujju said...

I was there a year ago. This is hopefully my time of change. sigh...but you're i mean.. its like..even if ur not really still comes in the way! **@*#*#**@((!!!(!(#*#**#

Tsu said...


life is a piss!

Prude said...

Bloody hell! Why do I read such stuff so late???

I agree life is a piss! I wanna puddy hug! Where's my puddy hug???

Pissy life!!!

Love you!

Tsu said...

When u are down there is no where to go but up!! :)
puddy hugs all over ya!

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