Parle-G with (G)inger Tea

10 September, 2008

This has become a ritual of sorts. 4 Snappers kept awake by a tasty cup of ginger tea made in the cafeteria. But today I wanted something more. Little more to this experience than usual. So I turned to my old faithful, borrowed love, Parle-G.

Oh, I love saying this... My ex-Roomie brought this cheap yet appetising food item into our lunch time straight out of our childhood.

I still eat the sides first, preserve the middle part which has the name on it and then dissect it letter by letter.

Scene 1: I hid behind my three screens. I started the process and realised that I was a wee bit outta touch.
bRoKeN Buscuit pieces with Crumbs all over the desk.

Scene 2: Massacring one buscuit after another in that uncouth manner.
Pleasure derived, enjoyed.

will update with more quirks! :)

3 Scribbles:

jus me... said...

Chai today? :-)

Prude said...

Oh GAWD! I jus love dipping glucose biscuits into tea and eating them! I used to do that to dad all the time. Would spend first 5 mins of his tea dipping and eating and then poor daddy had to drink cold chai!

crumbs said...

joy of simple things? i miss that =(

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