Return of September

26 September, 2008

It has been exactly one year and 25 days since I got back from London. I still haven't yet got the inclination or the courage to rake through the left over stuff neither the stuff that I brought back. It is in a heap that I have not bothered to sort out.

To think about it... I had my dream, in a way, come true.

I WAS living with Joey! :) I had all the friends I made living on the same floor, one floor below and one a couple of blocks away. But we still ended up in the same kitchen. For Christmas, new year, Pongal (if I am not wrong), Valentine's, Saturday, Sunday and all the other days of the week. My dedication... Reminiscing ...

To London
To my first Starbucks coffee Grande
To us doing different courses in Westminster
To Susie and I screaming in the reception
To Lakshman, who we did not know then, thought we were nuts and soon found it was indeed true to every decibel!
To Shashank who put up with me when I threw him outta the room, more than twenty times (with a sad puppy face which got him loads of hugs from people in the corridor.. wink wink....!)
To Rahul who always emitted joy in his steps towards our block, every night
To Pavitra who gave me a reason to love walks in the park (with or without heavy luggage)
To Nikhil who makes the yummiest (only after Logan's) daal with butter
To Kshitij and his midnight plans
To Priya who sang while she fed us
To Sandra whose coffee and Potter mania pushed me to complete my dissertation
To Paris' Sortie, Belgium rum filled chocolates
To Srilankan Tamilian and Elvis (wink wink!!! not reallyyyy...)
To the old couple standing in the same queue as I was going to Chicago, going home

Last, to all my friends in India who stayed the same, waiting for me to get back.

Heap cleared!

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Prude said...

Oh damnation...I was hoping nobody would write such a post! I's been a year and we've all been good and now u go and do the sentimental thing!

To London...which has never been the same since the departures.

Lakshman said...

I love Paris's Sortie...I cant forget that!!! :-D Cooooollll Post!! To more of all this and TOGETHER!!! :-D

Tsu said...

@prude: OFCOURSE u should have EXPECTED me to do this :) love u moreeee
@Saxy Laxy: I jus about forgot to add this about u! ;-) wink! more to come for sure hun!!

crumbs said...

That was a happy pile...I can imagine why you didn't want it sorted out.

sravan said...

a gentle reminder of a presence here! ahem ..

Tsu said...

@Crumbs: You come here this weekend and see the pile we are going to make!!! yyaaaayy!
@sravan: YOU CALL THAT GENTLE??? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! :D

Me Thinks.. said...

Cool! We were actually waiting for you to get back...all that seems so many years back...

Weird but nice...

kshitij said...

nostalgia nostalgia
ab na lage mera jiya ;)
i wish i had harry's wand
sapna sach ho -hoti command!!

%^&$% childish laughter ;p

miss u nunu :)

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