Life aint that bad huh?

09 September, 2008

Well, I have lately been excessively whining about how my life is uneventful and even under zero gravity, it sucks!

So I have decided (desperately, for my selfish benefit) to note down one incident, each day, which I think was the highlight of that 24 hour period. However trivial it might be or be seen as, that is and would be IT.

Knowing myself and assuming my expert knowledge on that subject to be accurate, I might not pursue this line of thought in the future. So I writing this right here and now. And NOW, I am raking my short-term memory field (I have spatial problems) to figure out the IT for the past week. If it makes me feel good, then I shall continue.

September 1: National Holiday in the United States of America and hence I sat at home and chilled on the first day of the month.

Nov 1st, 3rd year college, Dhanya (Neethu and I enjoying the evening at Aiwas): I believe that whatever we do on the first day of the month is what we would be doing the rest of the days of that month. We have started our month well :) (Not in quotes; in context)

5+7 = 6+6 (or whatever, hence deduced)

September 2: Scratch Scratch Scratch! Mom was at home. I got up early but not because of the annoying, eternally hungry cat of mine.

September 3: Went out with mom after a really long time to Little Italy. She ordered something which uncannily had the taste of a very famous south-Indian dish. Spent time figuring that out until the yummy Tiramisu arrived.

Bliss found, everything else forgotten.

September 4: Coffee at Barista after such a long time. Hot chocolate on a cold night is heaven.

September 5: Forgot to wish Neethu at 12. I did not say that the incident needs to be a happy one! Unhappy… tried to blame it on the alarm. I hadn’t kept one!

September 6: Met Santhosh after a long time. We wore the same coloured clothes, again. Three times in a row! Next time will message to find out what he is wearing. And I am saying this without trying to be corny …

I walked a lot. So much that I started getting pissed off. Not a good sign. Increase in patience level noted and patted. On the way to destination Ice n Spice, we sat at a bus stop for some rest.

1. We felt old. (It was Bhomi’s birthday so he had the right to! Dhanya, Santhosh and I looked plain, and painfully, guilty)
2. The bus stop was filthy and dusty. Reason: It was an abandoned stop. We looked like tourists, or worse, idiots!
3. Home delivery :D

September 7: Sunday. Do I need an incident to make me happy? God took a break and brought happiness to mankind, every week.

September 8: An incident happened today which made me think of writing this post. Nothing ground breaking. But I might have broken a few bones.

I fed Whiskas to my pet cat. (Yeah she and her expensive taste in food) and came into the living room with my eyes glued to the television. After minutes of standing there, not knowing how time had passed by or how quickly Betty had gobbled her food, I stepped backwards towards the couch.

In the meanwhile, Betty had made herself cosy at the foot of the sofa and she within seconds she saw my foot landing on her. My poor baby …

She scratched me and growled and I yelled because I think she might be pregnant and I was in pain. Both of us for five whole seconds yelled in our own species’ tongue. I laughed it off but she wasn’t too happy about it. But then I realised that nothing a little petting and cajoling cannot do. (This effectively meant that she got pampered, extra food, extra milk and I opened the door when she wanted to go gallivanting)

Cat is alive, for the people who care my toe is alright too :)

So you see my life is not as bad as I picture it to be and if I look deep, really dig deep inside, I can come up with incidents that make my life look like there is life to it and in it.

At least I am trying :-)

2 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

you still bring joy into my otherwise drab life. (jeees, that did not sound homosexual at all)

But maybe I should try this to. You have not yet got the copyright on this have you?

Tsu said...

hahahhah Crumbs for ure benefit it DINT sound Lesbian at all!!!!! :D

hugssss :) oops!! I have the copyright but nothing I cannot bend for you!!! the law I mean!! :) hahaha...!!!

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