Gut talk

19 December, 2006

Have you ever felt that something is quite not right. there is nothing apparently wrong with you(other than the normal irregularities, subtle expression) but you know there is an impending doom, looming over your head.

The players are shaping up but ... i cant place my finger on what the next move is...
the games have begun... The dice is rolling. Now just have to wait for the message to be brought unto the world!!!

its not gonna be pretty. it never is. you can never be prepared.

non- optimistic thought. One of those things in life ...!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well atleast you think that something is going to happen and that is a way where you could prepare yourself from quite a bit of damage...
But who am I kidding???
Doom or the feeling that something isnt quite right is too difficult to even be careful about...

Anonymous said...

that curious feeling again huh?we ll all take care :) as u used to always tell us too...

Anonymous said...

On your post - "Series of unstoppable thoughts":

Should've gone faster no, these thoughts? Would have been fun then.


On your post - "Never a mull moment!!!":

Buggers. When I was with you guys, never drank. Did all that shaantam paapam naatak, and now you are guzzling away to glory. This calls for REVENGGGGEEE!


On your post - "Humble me! Both of us???":

Morning adventures aa? Wait till you hear mine. Especially Hampi. :D


On your post - "If You Forget Me":

Neruda eh? I remember that poem in your English text. Twas good. Damn good.
Try reading some of Fernando Pessoa. It'll blow your mind away.


On your post - "Gut Talk":

Er... You became off Nostradamus aa?

Tsu said...

@moontalk: yes ma'am sure do!!!
@AC: muwahahahahahaa.... drunkards we became here.. its cold u know(wink!)

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