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18 December, 2006

Mulled (pronounced as mule d) wine, the German Christmas special was the highlight of the day. It is a hot drink made with herbs, spices and sugar. It is a traditional drink that first was brewed for people who went out shopping for Christmas in the freezing month of December. Cinnamon leaves its taste lingering in the mouth which gives utmost pleasure to the drinker.

We went to Shann and Clara’s home. Cosy and snuggle. The custom of advent brings such a warm feeling to all. The calendar which has the dates from the first of December to 24th and (usually children) each day the door to the day’s date is opened. You could find small gifts, chocolates or verses from the Bible or pictures that signify Christmas and family.

Clara decided to give Shann a small gift every day until Christmas. And in his unforgettable words, “I shamelessly get up early in the morning to see what she has bought me.” The children in all of us surfaces during festivity and this is the only reason I do not want to think of the pollution crackers are causing or how much disruption it is causing to the calm of the neighbourhood. People who complain have lost the kid in them. (This is barring all the people who have physical illness that are heightened)

Well, then I moved on to white wine and this is the first time I liked its taste. It was not the usual bitter self but nice. To top it all off was the chocolate trifle and oh boy!!! There is nothing more tempting than a layer of chocolate sauce at the bottom, a top of soft cake, chocolate cream and a healthy swirl of whipped cream. Whipped cream couldn’t be more yum, why would anyone want to whip it? Whootish! Has someone got a swing in their bedroom??? Wink!

In a few words loved the evening completely.

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Anonymous said...

The evening which led to the most humilating and brilliant morning of my life...
Crapper I hope your trip was amazing...
I drank... Like always

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