24 December, 2006

a lone tear,
slicing through
chunk of pain

a droplet
on my left
hot wave of the trickle
jabbing clean me

palms facing into my face
arms on my breasts
heave, heave

a distant tune
rythm forgotten

a strenuous swallow
neck bent at an angle
words raped
repeated over
and ever too few. . .

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Anonymous said...

Sexy would be an understatement..
Floored would be another..
You write like you were born with Wordsworth or his incarnation..
Brilliant piece of work..
Raped words, the imafery is simply superb..
We have a poetess here ppl!
kindly accept my sincere bows...
Autograph please...

Tsu said...

@MT: naah! dont insult wordsworth by putting me with him... thanks for the compliments!!! i am honoured by ure praises!

ujju said...


Anonymous said...

I feel quite inadequate at this moment because I really cant figure out what is it that you are exactly conveying.
It is more than what I can make out...
I associate this most closely with
Broken but raising
Not quite sure
which way I go from here
I see up but feel down
Pain a tickle
nudge a blow
swallow a gulp
I am just trashing on your blog
I love a mystery... and this poem is a very potent one

Anonymous said...

@pricky: and a poet too! Damn Iam gonna be one person who knows famous ppl! Pricky and tsu..poets in the making..

Tsu said...

@MT: Bent not broken huh?

Anonymous said...

this one i think i understand, but i am not sure i do.
n wat i understand i ma not sure i'm gonna say that here. :/
point of this comment?nothing really

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