Humble me! Both of us???

18 December, 2006

The plan was conjured into reality:


The first holiday in months. Gruelling three months of hard work.

Canterbury cathedral. Constructed by the Romans. This time really ancient. (1070 AD)

Starbucks coffee shop adjacent to the cathedral which is in one of the buildings of the monument itself.

A whole day of being with friends, something which was heavily lacking was a social life.

Spend time with nice tamilian guy. Interesting as well. Stumps me sometimes.

One Hitch:

The bus leaves at 5 in the morning.
Baah!!! Time never stopped me from going on vacation. I am not too happy with the early rise and shine but the journey steals the show in the end.

Baaaaaaahhhh!! We are talking about Shashank and me people. No one calls us late. EVER!!! Cause we are always never late. Beware of arriving late with me, I unleash my wrath and Shashank doesn’t say anything till he pulls it up at an instant when you don’t want to hear that you came late (Who came late that day…)

Imagine the fights that would every time happen whenever we made plans to meet up.?! We need Beej to settle it most of the times (he never knew what international peace settlement talks he was involved in!!)

ALARMing situation:

Take a W i l D guess … yes the two time sticklers missed the stipulated the time. We would have also reached there if it was not for the stupid bus stop that remained hidden from sight. Then the mix up happened. Both of us went in completely different directions to end up in the same bus stop missing the bus.

Next one in half hour.

Me not happy.
Shashank singing his blues away.
Me not happy with his singing.

Wait in silence. Very very humbling experience.

pRicky: ho dum dad um la :P jazz blaaa maaaa… theee teee heeeee bluum bllloo
tsu: are my nasty thoughts about strangling him, loud?
pRicky: blaaa maa laaa duckh cuckh…!!!
tsu: I want to feel the warm bed beneath me.
pRicky: are you going to be pissed off the whole day now?
tsu: yes.
pRicky: thought so.

Time ticks, painfully slow. Morning is dawning painfully fast.

tsu: I hate to be a pessimist but I don’t think that we will be able to make it to the station.
pRicky: laughs out loud! For crying out loud, this was the most hilarious situation we have ever been. Just the two of us usually nearly kill someone but this time it was a totally different ball game.

Walking back to the dorm:

Two foxes playing with each other on our campus
pRicky I don’t like you this happy! 10 fucking pounds man!!!
Good na otherwise we would have spent more after we went there.
Stupid boy! Lets see which way did you come from man??? I took the fastest route. So when you came this way I was there.
I saw a light and followed it to the bus stop. (In the spirit of Christmas uh huh?)
I saw a black spec and thought thank god she reached.
No one in the world has EVER called me a spec. This needs to be recorded.
What would you call prince Charles when he is cold? The Royal Blue… he he he… sadness.

Lets go and sleep, get up and have a great British breakfast of bread and eggs.
Sounds good to me.
And hence the journey of our walk back to the dorm ended. We are planning to upload the pictures very soon. Maybe postcards. Christmas and new years here we come. Are we there yet??? PucK!!!

4 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

First things first...
I reached at the strike of five...
Second... even the best have their off days...
Third... I have never wanted all my friends laughing me out of existence...
I sprinted all over the campus in search of the speck...
Loved every moment...
Never a dull moment...
And PS anyone who is late is... Still going to be kicked...
So no way you can be happy...

Non-Sensei said...

im guessing you guys didnt actually make it to canterbury. in which case, now may not be a good time for me to tell you what a wonderful place it is... :-D

btw, check out this page, it's linked on my blog.
especially the archives.
ya might find it interesting.

what course u guys doin at UoW?

Anonymous said...

hehehe...Tsu, thank u. u just confirmed for me that the guy i have been talkin to for some days now is totally pRicky :)

Anonymous said...

hehhee! hilarious.. I could see you guys actually going to the bus stop and all..the confusion is so typical!
Pricky was always geographically challenged!
U guys come back..canterbury tales I will show! ;) second year book mein...Courtesy abhaya...

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