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01 December, 2006

Lance Price talk on the 30th of November at 5PM .. you should go and listen to him. he might touch upon the tpoics we discussed in class..
I received this mail from Pam, our course leader and for the first time I noted it down in my calender and it was worth the effort.
My first perception of him was that he is a no nonsense guy, just another bloke who was one of those journalists who jumped into PR. Well if not for money then for its charm! But the more deeper i started listenin to what he said the more and more captivated i was about the personality of a PR person! The words he used were simple and yet deep! And the question on his ethical standards, he merely dismissed it by saying that it was his job!
This concept of distinguishing between personal ethical standards and job description is like his somewhat blurred. this may not work with other people who think its morally incorrect to lie and they will uphold the truth, but thats where ppl like me come in. I guess i would sleep well at night...
isnt it like a spy???

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Anonymous said...

more like anu!! hey nice.. this dude sounds interesting! so how much will london cost me? hmmmmm ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds very 'pricey', this Sir 'Lance'lot of yours... :D

Anonymous said...

he is very honest... and real
no excuses for what he did

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