miss me please

16 December, 2006

I am not too sure whether it was that one glass of white wine from France, i had to try or the fact that i dint sleep too well for the past two days but i feel like CRAP!!!
But i know what... if there is one person i JUST cant get myself to say bye to is Susha!!! I am standing in the hall way and wondering whether i should have asked mom whether i could go to bahrain with her this christmas. If i had asked her i know it would have broken her heart.
I couldnt come to ask her that.
Miss ya susha!!! Come back fast...

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Suzie said...

hmmm...i didnt know i cud comment on ure blog without me bein a blogger....hehehehe....sniff sniff....yea u shudve just come with me to bahrain...but now that my house is in such a u know wat....im glad i cud save ya the shock...hehehe,...miss u too my nunukins....tons...il be bac b4 ya know it...sit on ure head n bug u soo bad....ul wish bahrain were the next stop on the tube so u can kick me there...heheheheh...luv uuu.....choooooo much.....muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! u ma nunu:)

Anonymous said...

I hate to use these words but Suzie
" I told you so"
Didnt I???
I am sure you would choose to forget but what the hell... bus 140 knows the truth...

Anonymous said...

cute post! I miss susie too and you and pricky!
Come back..all of you!

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