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17 December, 2006

I want one night of peaceful after a stressful presentation week. Susha and Priyanka left. Odd timings.
Fire drill. Monsterous

Had a dream that I cannot remember. I do remember but I can’t imagine myself in that position. No fairy tales for me. Nothing with what was involved in it as well. I think Me Thinks was there with me. I can expect only her to be there with me… compromising positions. Nothing dirty except crawling in mud.

I don’t want to have a long term relationship with a computer, mine or anyone else’s. I want people and people can also include only me(and hence these thoughts)
Heading right where I don’t want to…

Have to write letters to my friends back home. Spent money on myself and only letters for friends
Cheap skates

Can I finish one whole bottle of vodka? One night at the 88 O kitchen.

Photo with tom the resident pest controller, cutie pie. Will die if he was with me. Scared

Here with me.

Word ‘with’ is being used again and again. Unnecessary.

Desi friend posted similar idea (feels like i am copying stuff, birds of the same feather??? cant be)

Missed the bus to Canterbury. Blame on the alarm that dint go off!!! i missed the cathedral but saw two foxes in our campus.

Understand why Logan raves abt the morning! Loved it as well. Possiblity of my not liking getting up is the reason for disdain of mornings.

Helpless. Intense, immense...

Friends in shit, psychiatrist office, work and I cant support ANY of them. Cruel.

Empty. emptiness engulfing mind and soul. Body will wither. Soon. 80 yrs old to the grave.

Another head hangs lowly, in your head. In mine.

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Anonymous said...

Well I rave about mornings cause I just cant ever manage to wake in the night...
after today turns out cant even say i can wake up in the mornings...
wide grin...

Anonymous said...

Like i said, i was gonna write abt the same thing..but since both of you have, I shall let this one pass..
Happy thinking!!
And yeah, only I could have accomponied you in 'the' dream!!
Compromising Thoughts!!

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