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13 December, 2006

After staring at the computer screen for more than five minutes I came to the conclusion that I want to for once take a stand on things that I absolutely love. This is a hard thing for anyone to do as no one has one particular favorite, in everything. I am going to try and try hard I am going to, to pick one thing! If I was stranded on an island, naa lets make this my dream. If I was stranded in the deserts of Africa with obviously a tv!!!
which would I love having with me to survive the ordeal???
Book: harry potter
Movie: my best friends wedding
Tv Channel: star world(stunned that i took so long in answering that and natgeo came to mind first!!!)
Tv program: FRIENDS(no doubts abt that)
Music Band: Westlife
Solo: Bryan Adams(anyday of the week and twice on sundays;-)

2 Scribbles:

Prude said...

Really?? i thought u'd like to take me with you...Ditcher!!

Kedhar said...

F.R.I.E.N.D.S no doubts about it!! those 6 rock... make u feel like u are one of em too.. and that last episode leaves u as empty as that apartment!
thanks for stoppin by my blog! hope to see more of ur comments out there!

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