30 December, 2006

I have suddenly become obsessed with poetry. I cant believe that I could ever hold on to any of my whims for so long.

Its been little more than a year when i first wrote a poem and I liked what I could do with words that by themselves were just words but gave a deep insight into the poet's state of mind when strung together.

Whenever I sit in front of the computer my hands on their own go to google and type the words poetry. Poems. Someone's favorite, my favorite, similar frequency.

one day mine? I have never dreamed of publishing any of my poems. I think there are greater poems that have been written by so many other people. And the most convincing reason would be that I am content to write it only for myself and a couple of my friends.

Came across this poem by a Kashmiri poet -Bilhana Kavi called BLACK MARIGOLDS (The legend goes that he fell in love with the daughter of King Madanabhirama, Princess Yaminipurnatilaka, and had a secretive love affair. they were found out and he wrote this 50 stanza poem while waiting in the prison. Waiting for his sentence- life or death)

Where beautiful things can be created is a miracle
in the gallows or under the deep blue sky!!!

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pRicky said...

My penny worth is that you should get your work published...
Great poets become what they are once they are published...
Go on you know for a fact that I would be your loyal PR and avid reader...

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