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11 January, 2007

It was first only a new version of blogger BETA (why not beti???) where change was exciting. I was too lazy to shift to the new version and I had already customized this blog to my liking. So revamping was not on my agenda.

This gave me a push to open another blog. One that is attached to my gmail and I realised that I just do not feel like having everything in this world (talkin mostly about the web world!) integrated into one. You open gmail-orkut-blogger. Its jus not me. I have no concrete reason why I dislike this arrangement but I do. Yesterday, blogger could not be accessed at all. Reminds me of Inching towards the kill. . .

I have my gmail, my orkut is through yahoo and blogger is different. Its like having studied in school, college and post grad you find different friends and though they are similar in ways you cant imagine you'd like to and have given them different kind of space.

I do not want to change! I like the way my blog is now!!!

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Anonymous said...

see like i said google is planning to take over the earth and then the terminators shall walk the earth and say I'LL BE BACK...
ans also
the revamping of the bllogger was the only reason for the unavailibity of the blooger...
you still have your plan going strong...
so kudos!!!

Anonymous said...

On your post - "Friday, December 22, 2006 ~ Night" :

Well written. But there is no substitute for the time and place. Not even



On your post - "Sunday, December 24, 2006 ~ untitled" :

Interesting. :)


On your post - "Thursday, December 28, 2006 ~ wreck" :

The point is communication. Once it is developed, there is similarity

between our thoughts and words. The older generation used conventional

means. All we have are sms's and blogs to convey our thoughts across.

That's not much, is it?


On your post - "Monday, January 01, 2007 ~ Pasta" :

Y'know, I had onion sambar on 31st. That too in Salem. Ah.
***Evil Grin***


On your post - "Thursday, January 04, 2007 ~ Pangs" :

No bike?!? I'd hate to imagine myself like that.
Well written. Very.


On your post - "Friday, January 05, 2007 ~ Nothing to do with love"


It's been a while since I felt happy for no reason at all. Give me tips.


On your post - "Saturday, January 06, 2007 ~ Live in to die(today with

accent)" :

AHA! Unless I'm mistaken, my keen olfactory senses smell something fishy!

Anonymous said...

When you migrate to the NEW blogger, you don't lose your template. :P

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I like the thought of a different place to retreat each with a different purpose, a different feel. This is like virtual cloning...integrate, integrate, integrate...till v're all one in our idea of doomsday nearing!!!

Anonymous said...

you wont lose the template once you change to beta!!
change is the only thing constant..
acceptance might help!!

Anonymous said...

u kw they say that it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks :D

Tsu said...

@all: i tried to change to beta! dint wanto but could make life easier. but the blog was huge n was taking toomuch time. i tried using the same template in beta for another blog dint work. i dont wanto lose this one and my space to choose to stay in the old blogger. which btw has network down every second day!!!
google dint work and none of the beta ones were accessible! its like keep it separate and be happy. dont telll ure husband uve a boyfriend vice versa and u have fun!!! :)

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