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23 January, 2007

This is a mail that I got from my friend. My bestest Friend and she hesitates to write anything, more like lazy to pen it down. easier to tell it than to write na... i have begged her a million times to write letters but once in a blu moon when she feels sheloves me more that day she will write. its not the english she is bothered about(madam got more than me in boards, beat u in 12th aha ha haha..)
I can see so much of her bubbly self in this mail that I absolutely HAD TO POST IT!!! she is gonna kill me for this... :-) i love you too surya!!! :-)
by the way i forgot to tel u abt my team out day.. here goes the story
it was a bright saturday morning..
got up late as usual n in a hurry got the bus..
no work the whole time..was jus watchin the clock for its "motion"(don think sum thin else)
boss giving treat to the project team..12 of us.. i wanted to go to Taj fisherman's cove (its an awesome place.. super food n along the beech side) but
sir said he was takin us to the RADDISON.. (5 star hotel in the main road)
seri paravaillanu all of us left.. guys in bikes girls in his car.. on the way jus 2 mins wen v started i told him tat i had enquired abt fisherman's cove nu..
shhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh goes the car brake.. "CHANGE OF PLAN" called all the guys who were already half way n turned towards fisherma's cove..
had super food n stood in the beech for an hour..n chatted with all of them for another half n hour.. super time..
u've seen this song in yuva na "hey hudahafis shukriya meherbani...." in tat they float in water na tats this place.. it is rs250 per head..sir said no..i really wanted to go..
SVCE's promised a treat there..i will go with him i think..
n in the late eve around 7 v left frm there went for a local tea shop had coffee n was bak home..
feedbak on the story is welcomed. . .

(any kids? good bedtime story .. animation required)

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