In da hous

02 January, 2007

tra la la
hum hum da dum... doce do with your partner! mmmm la la laa the lead couple criss cross!

after a rather tiring one hour of barn dancing and smiling for pictures endlessly the rising devils took off from west harrow in the dream of catching a bite in taste of lahore, no chennai dosa, no taste of lahore its near, no west harrow restraunts are nearer cuz we are after all in west harrow, no wembley central chennai dosa. Chennai dosa it is.

Dint touch in had to touch out. Wrong wrong. it was suppose to be free after 9.30 blooodddy hell. I am not gonna lose the maximum fare on the day when i thought it will be free. Northwick park. Home so near yet so far. Comfort vs the harsh cold emptiness of the growling stomach that can be calmed right beyond that border. those doors. open open open. . .

back to the station west harrow. Touch and go! go to find some punks had jumped out of the tube and pissed the driver. stuck again. Police walk in and walk out. we finally get to Northwick park again. Same feeling of gravity. I resisted it. This is a fight and I bloody well needed to win. Doesnt mean that i need to talk my way thru it. silence.

yenna kovamma? ille dah, pasee hmmm... chocolate coated bread! crisps never caught the taste buds in my tongue, good one less fatty substance that was the last time I was gonna have chocolate. Resolution. dont want to talk about it. they dissolve in importance. like many things in life.

singing in the tube, Sliding Priya, yelling japanese, jumping tubes, half the stations closed. time running out,
countdown became our step.
step 1 : 10
step 2 : 9

step 9 : 2
Happy new year. The moment passed, whizzed us by! the minute travelled slowly in a millisecond.
It always happens. Never there when you really need.

What am I doing here in London without being in India with my family?
-- I would have been watchin a movie on tv.
Are you cryin?
-- No. this is perfect night ... lights and water with the buzz of fireworks.
You know what? I am not thinking anything right now! My head is blank, white sheet. Nothing lasts forever!
-- how can that be? gimme one year. No a lifetime and I will show you forever.
but you are right my mind is blank as well.
how can that be? is he missing anyone from back home? I am not. thats somethin in his head! how can that be?

then came the cream that tops the whole desert of an experience. songs with guitar! rahul his voice is like heaven! croon swoon and sway till someone dropped to fall asleep.
I forced people to stay awake for the sunrise
beautiful sky... I wanto pee!!!
uff... jus another year!

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Prude said...

Love it!!! Yup its just another year....and the message to take... doce lee dum dee couple criss cross!! :-)

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