Indian Corner House

07 January, 2007

R: where the hell are you Tij?
T: My COUSIN is online and I cant use e-Buddy here to chat with him. So I will come lil later.
grumble mumble ...
A: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii welcome back nikhil...
How was ure trip and the places you went to? how was new years? yaa we had lot of fun!!!
shhhhh... !!!
hugs and shakes, initial excitement of somebody new and resume staring at wall, computer, blank. Typing. . .
L: HEY!! look at this!!! say cheese!!! (panner) Fish eye view is boring! see see I am God!
I now look like an alien from outter space!
R: this is funny man..
har har har haw haw haw...
turns and smiles, nods head. kids!!! (MA students doesnt mean crap!:)
A: that picture looks like you are in spl ed!!
L: Come here I will take your picture!
A: you mad I already look like a clown and u want me to take a picture like standing in front of those circus mirrors.
R: ha ha ha... (does nothin else and does this pretty well, experince, which tij doesnt want:-)
sheesh! this is no awite yea... too muc noise yea... i am takin ma jacke and leavin...
Slowly the crowd in the library disperse as the noise inthe Indian corner increases!!!
T: I was chattin with Ms. Meow! she has a boy frnd man! sheesh every door I go to seems to be closed!!!
A: probably in Glasgow!!!
ha ha ha he he he.. hey man don remind me yaar...
punks pass by wondering what the hell is up... righ righ...!
N: we should go to scotland or switzerland!
A&R: i wanto go to paris, maybe the vatican city... da vinci ...!!! we went on a trip right now for free :-)

we should like go through a tours that will work out cheaper
what about accomodation?
naa my brother and sister slept in churches, got thrown out of them and they basically had an amzing adventure...
ooo we could sleep in a barn.
even if pig pees on me...
nnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh on the HAY yaar...
its only 67pounds shall i book it now???
c'mon yaaar .. wha the hellluh!
all of you stop dreaming and start getting ready to study. . .
*groan groan groan*
april the pictures of the trip will be uploaded.. till then

our silence in chattering prevails!!!

3 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

miss meow has a boyfriend???
oh my god!!!
You didnt tell... moontalk was telling you this all through wasnt she???
E Tu Tsu!!!
that bloody rhymes and u r in trouble

Anonymous said...

dint get head or tail of what this conversation meant...
Iam lost

ujju said...

the post 'pangs' is brilliantly written.. its really great..creates more impact and is more effective than u think it is..loved it. good work.

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