10 January, 2007

How can you in one second snap out of the brilliant chemistry that you had with a person for so many years?
Its fascinating that one day it is something your proud of and the next moment its something you feel never existed.
I am so unpredictable cant expect life to be, right!?!

Tried my fav mashed potatoes with yogurt... after a lotta heated sessions, finally nailed it.
Everything takes time and every event has variables determining how they will take shape and end!


2 Scribbles:

Prude said...

I think its all a constant process...i mean we are born and someday we're gonna die...we're constantly changing, moving towards that!! Understandbly...favourites change wid the changing chemistry of ur chemical self...

Me Thinks.. said...

very true...Sometimes we are glad that the chnge came by at a time when it had to...
thre is a time for everything...time is the best healer is so true..
chemistry and biology does change...
the world is shrinking..
there goes geography!!;)

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