Nothing to do with love

06 January, 2007

I am just happy for no reason at all. I am smiling and smiling to myself. I think I have suddenly found myself more amuzing than before. This is like taking the whole love yourself and also love thy neighbour(he is a taiiiiiwaaanneessseee.. not a better effect than the japanese!! guys too ;-) a wee bit too far!!!

The previous phase thing as someone actually said DID pass by! Not bad when certain things which are intangible and based on faith and belief come true once in awhile atleast. They all do waver at times but the greater force of self preservation always wins.

Aaah I had nice dinner in tasty lahore place and walked back with the thought of the world still moving with respect to the most beautiful moon in the clear sky!
I remembered one of the songs that unni used to sing which I love. . . and I got full inspiration to keep the heading of my blog as you can see it now...

(Over 'n' Out - maaroed from a frnd!!!)

3 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

he he good for you re...I mean its about time isn't it!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Iam glad and you know that! feels great doesn it? well, for me, miles to go before I sleep...

ujju said...

hhehe.. i have been expreriencing similar symptoms off late too!! :D yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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