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03 January, 2007

Now where do I start about this group? I think we are the "fun" bit in collective word dysFUNctional!!! For starters we meet in the common room! tv distracts the table tennnis game and food brings us together (other than that we all try and tire out rahul in that game but no score!!!)

The whole lot of us that adores the words that flow out of Tij's mouth have kinda pushed it too far by trying silently yet desparetly to take the crown of PJ king! Burger king atleast would have filled our stomach!(Mac D anyone?) he he he

Chef Queen and Sef Sasank(shailee and susie have gone home for christmas) are like the next in line! they make the cake and eat it too... :-) they feed the tired souls who could finish a horse if they dint love horses or are vegetarian!

I am tryin to describe the others and I realise that one year is just not enough! anyway ...
The white "old watchman's cap" and the voice behind it (and not to forget the unstoppable laugh! and i thought i was bad!!) he has a freakishly long lasting stamina to play tt (boost? ever ready battery? whaaaa???)

Pavithra and Lax (who doesnt like the X in his name only factor in his attitude!) dances well but doesnt wanto accept it. Somebody present him a mirror! and its not ballet!!! ;-) ure reputation is not damaged) complete the tamil (mahila?- remember the barn dance gender-bender confusion???) society! one who speaks Shutha palakaatu tamil, one who tries and one who has had enough of it(i think!)!!! ;-)
and ofcourse me... i am waiting for someone to write abt me now in their blog! ;-)


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Anonymous said...

tee hee!seems like a fun place to be.

and ofcourse me... i am waiting for someone to write abt me now in their blog!
sould i try n blackmail someone into it?i cld break a nose too u kw (pun fully intended)

Anonymous said...

ha ha dysFUNctional huh?....conveniently left out writing about urself! ;-) and shutha palakaatu tamil?...lets just hope my mom doesn't trespass onto ur blog...she might burst an artery laughing!!;-)

One blog on Tsu coming up! (Am not defining a time period!)

Anonymous said...

hehe nice one! yeah you should have witten atleast something about yourself...

Let the others do the honours!!

Anonymous said...

I donno how to make (bake) a cake but for sure...i do eat whtever i make far as d tired souls go...ahhh...believe me from my end of the table it luks they rnt jus tired souls but hungry too....specially wth those endless hours of tt...hahaha

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