29 January, 2007

I hate to be taken for granted!

grrr.... I sometimes want to just tell the other person how I actually feel. But either it ends up hurting them and making them feel guilty to do things for me next time or end up hurting myself in the process!

I have closed in so much!!! Man! gimme a break you know! sheesh! last year was a spectacle why continue it this year??? I am enjoying it but breakaway free... sigh!

Every step hide hide hide...

4 Scribbles:

moontalk said...

* in my worst enrique voice * "u can run, u can hide but u cant escape my love"
Ah HA Ha ha ha HA ha ha Ha
song...all for u

Arcane Crapper said...

Tell the other person what you want. If they are meant to understand you, they will.

Fly free.

Tsu said...

@moontalk : PODI Patti!!!
@AC: I Think it trivialises the way I felt about it when I wrote it or felt it actually! It kinda forces them to say sorry and feel bad. ths makes me feel bad. then i start consolin them which in theend doesnt serve anythin!! man not worth discussin!!!

Me Thinks.. said...

Nobody likes being taken for granted and you once told me dont feel guilty about feeling bad when you get hurt. people can make you feel guilty....
At the end of the day, you have to police yourself..

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