18 January, 2007

Many people tell me so oh great your mother single- handedly brought you up and actually sent you to London by herself. Once you get back you will show the whole world that what a great job she has done by bringing you up in this way- independent and responsible to take charge of your life. You will be the result of what your mother has given up or worked for.

I do not know whether I am being rude here or impassionate but my mother has never told me that me going to London, working my ass off, making millions is going to make her proud than anyother parent. She has never once said that what I do reflects the fact of how she is as a parent or that I should do greater things to prove to the world that both of us did make a life without everyone's approval. Accepting this jus demeans the fact that we did this to make our own life for no other reason but ourselves. Not for any other person, not to make anyone else happy or show to anyone that we can stand on our own. Hence, the pressure to do well, from my mother was never there. I still do not feel that I am doing what I am doing for my mother. I am doing this for selfish reasons an even if at this point, God forbid, I mess up my life in anyway I do not think my mother will be any less proud of me or care about anything but us!

I think that my mother is more proud of the fact that I am the person I am because of her. Careers, money and nothing else matters. If I was an event manager gettin 15thousand a month(which can be considered less) and still be the person I am, I am sure she will be proud of me.

Why is it that parents being Proud of their child comes out of "where you are and how much you make???" they love you whether u are screw up or not...

One day Akbar asked Birbal to bring in front of him the mmost beautiful child in the province.
Birbal was quite stumped at the task but went out into the streets but couldnt judge any child.
Next day he brought the most dirty looking kid, hair disheveled and her mother to the court.
He presented her to Akbar and said after searching he found her to be the most beautiful baby in the place.
Akbar astonished at how horrible the kid looked exclaimed, "she is the most ugliest child I have ever seen in my life!!!"
Hearing this comment the subservent Mother of the kid,whose head was bowed in front of the king raised her voice and shouted, "WHO dares call my child ugly? She is the most beautiful and intelligent kid in the world."
Akbar realised then that for every parent their child is always the best, however you may look...

So however badly you screw up your life you can never say that ure ever alone when everyone has left u!

4 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. Truer words have never benn spoken. :)

priya said... every parent the child is d preetiest, cm wht may! Somewhere down d line however wht d u say bout our concerns to do smthng tht'd bring thm joy...even if it requires to wrk our ass off...d end result might still just make thm happy n u might sigh alas...isn't it a payoff to c thm happy???

Anonymous said...

:) Loved every word. Firstly I still say kudus to you and your mom. Secondly, your right...she'll love you and be proud of you no matter what. But the most beautiful part here is that you are an extremely amazing, independent, level headed child...she'll never have to be otherwise.

Anonymous said...

thank god u wrote it. i wud have, otherwise, but probably wudnt manage such a fantastic job.


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