Snow Angel

24 January, 2007

It SNOWED....!!!

fLAKES of Ice, Cold and WarM at the same time... Cold, my ass is freezing. Warm to be with frnds freezing our asses together. Susie threw a tantrum, she wanted to do the freezing all by herself!

And hence the pic!

Pri went crazy... Her first encounter with snow and BOy! did she welcome it with arms wide open! She was like missile woman... Weapons to destruct... Pathetic aims shaky because everyone was doubling with laughter.

Tij dedicated to create a snowman(i think he changed his idea to a taj mahal for miss.meow in the middle but ended up Indianizing it by making it look like 7Stones!!!)

Rahul- voice mail... grrr...

Shashank, I wish Sneha was there with us. Sneha Snow for u!!! the post dedicated for u!

Serendipity... Dreams come true!!! It will.

I usually dont like waking up people who are sleeping. But I could not not wake up people. I had a damn good reason. "Freaked" out on a wednesday!!!:-) dint go for the walk though, yet!

After an hour and more of snow falling and falling all around you, HOT CHOCOLATE... stimulating the senses... We do know how to do that!!! :-)

I actually dusted off SNOW from my shoulder. Always wanted to do that. Tried catching snowflakes like bubbles in the circus. . .

Puma :P to you now... Our footprints will remain etched right next to yours!!!

5 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

Snow flakes keep falling on my head...
good improvisation huh???
They missed me...
Hey u missed me
Matrix... REloded several times over

Anonymous said...

Loved the last line!!!...To more snowflakes!

Anonymous said...

On 'Imagination':

Imagination is power. A moment can create a universes, and destroy them too. Too much power. Scary.


On 'Snow Angel':

Snow aa? I do sincerely hope you attacked people with snowballs.

Tsu said...

@AC: oh yeahhhh baby!!! fought with them till our hands went numb!!! ;-)

moontalk said...

:) i want! i want ! i WANT!!!!!

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