13th Feb

13 February, 2007

Hush, for love walks to you in melody

thwang of the bow,

arrow piercing the intended

time, place in conscious etched in the ground with snow

a red satin scarf floating past

angels calling, reaching out to you

for love can soften the hardened heart,

dissolves into wisps of cloud

fading the past, opening future all of new.

4 Scribbles:

Prude said...

:)...because ur standing out in the open...with ur arms stretched out wide...no defenses...only only a willingness to let it happen.

beauty of a poem!

moontalk said...

:) awesome preview
love the floating red satin scarf image...
snow, scarlet, and love...hmmm!hitting valentine's in a big way are we?;)

Tsu said...

@prude: scary scary!! itsmore like i am fallin and i am hoping someone would catch me... moontalk are u listenin .. ilistened to u too much!! i understand now!!!
@moontalk: hittin and hinting! :)

ujju said...

this is a beautiful pice..good imagery, angels calling, scraf floating, snow, very nice.

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