27 February, 2007

Its been more than ages that I wrote lines that do not end with a comma,
a full stop that comes where it shouldnt.
These patterns that repeat,
are boring me now and I am not sure how not to.
The grammar doesnt match up,
to their standards set.

The rhythm of the beat characterized,
metaphysical poems are out of my reach.
What I see is what I want to write,
each and everytime.
But if I dont have anything what is there to lose?

2 Scribbles:

Prude said...

Each and every one of those lines is proof is that you have too much to give...talent, love, support, creativity and most importantly the brightest splash of colours! Its a lull...the high point is yet to come.:)
Chin up!

Me Thinks.. said...

bad mood, wrote whatever came to your mind..the rsult is pretty good though!
straight from your heart...

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