It Snowed again

10 February, 2007

I could see two distinct figures being shoved forward by the howling wind and the swirling snowcotton. I wondered if it was them. So quickly would they have made it this far? Then the tall figure jumped, a familiar jump. Arms failing in the air like its first time. It was his first and boy! Watta night!!!
It was snowing again!!! Thick drops of snow. Water, Ice, SNOW!!! soft on our faces. Call up Susha, call lakshman, wake up pavitra, isnt shashank getting up? priya's mobile is switched off!!!
Absorb the Silent rain of white heaven. . .

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! its so cool man! my hands are freezing! i dont have gloves, lets write our name! RISING DEVILS!!! only PJ king, and co. Contemplation for FORTY FIVE MINUTES! Lets Wake up Lakshman! Scaredy cats 3 of us tip toed to his room. He was dazed! Rahul thought he is going to be blkasted!!!!

But then the sight of the snow falling horizontal, pictures being taken of us lying horizontal on the groud. skating, making snowmen!!! Life was beautiful.. Feeling of being a KID!!! utterly stupid and falling down for no reason. hooting and shouting!!! Bliss...
Then to top it all off a hot steaming mug of hot chocolate!
L: I want my sleep man... Nothing can push me out leaving my beauty sleep! (sitting in the kitchen with 3 other crazy people looking out of the window... snowing wide awake!)

4 Scribbles:

Prude said...

And you said you weren't able to write??? Awesome!!! Could picture the whole thing! Damn Prude for sleeping like the dead!! :) Glad u loved every moment.

Arcane Crapper said...

And please parcel some, nay, lots of snow here as well. :|

pRicky said...

london gave u all the snow u wanted??
like it now?
the verification

moontalk said...

interesting tags u got there

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