15th Feb

15 February, 2007

just another day
just another middle of the week
just another tomorrow for a yesterday,
yesterday for a tomorrow.

a shift in sunshine in my window
just another ray passing as hope
I shift in my bed facing
her breathing next to me
Just another perfect end.

I came up with a concept of dedicating the one day before, "da day" and the aftermath of the day for Valentine. It was, as I had pictured, going to be posts that would condemn this whole valentine's day as a farce and nothing else.

But love conquered it all. In the end, though people make money out of us consumer(is the king or a moron???hmmm....) it is a day where its only about love and none else rules- in ure mind, body, soul, work place, love is really in the air! I firmly believe that love is the answer to everything (recently accepted idea so practically I have yet to put into use!)

In this world where stress and workaholism has taken over a person's time and energy, a Valentine's day (girlfriend/boyfriend) forces you to take time off to buy something the other would like, which would mean that you try to find out what the person would love to have, which indirectly means that the other person has taken efforts to find out.

If you dont end up getting a 'meaningful gift' atleast in the mad rat race rush, he/she actually stopped and bought a gift for you! Appreciatable gesture...

There are romantics in this world. I guess I am one as well. Happy Valentine's day!!!

6 Scribbles:

Prude said...

awwww...Damn should've bought a rose for you too!! :) Anyway alls well and that ends well...u had ur fun remember? ;)...Next yr is just round the corner!

ujju said...

DUDE..seriously..u ve got to stop with the overload of romance..it looks like a vday ad page!
ps check nice commnt on first vday one!

pRicky said...

where is my gift huh??
romantic it seems...

Tsu said...

@pricky: living with u is gift enuf for life man!!!
@ujju: buzz off... i am romancing with life
@prude: i love only u prude!!!:)
subsitituting prude with guy's name!! interesting hmmmm.. ;-)

moontalk said...

the romantics shall inherit the earth afterall.
"call me a dreamer, but i'm not the only one"

Me Thinks.. said...

will u be my valentine? is a question i have been asking ever since I met you....
Unfortunately for me.you never said yes, leave alone buying a gift!!!!

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