27 February, 2007

I am sitting with my corporate comms book at, what time is it? Five to Two! I should probably would be asleep by now, Normally.
I am reading about how the corporate culture, the culture of the organization itself sometimes proves to be a hindrance to positive change. And I am wondering, the same concept, the same core that brought an organization to this heights has the power to destroy or less destructive but nevertheless obstructive to the expansion of company. How can a mother hold back her son?
I start wondering whether there is something that is so powerful that it can be pushed to destruct. Plays song in my windows player and I get conscious of that when I start singing along with it. (one of my favs and I got my answer as well)

someone told me that love would all save us
but how can that be when look what love gave us
a world full of killing and blood spilling
and that world never came ...

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Manoj said...

Hi Anu,

A trip down memory lane promised by me.. but before that.. Comments to your blog....

You've managed to hear just the right song which describes the answer you were finding... As much as love contributes to our success, the more it does make us dependant.. Dont ask me how this is related to Corporate Communication.. :D

I'd see things in pefect opposites.. Black-White, Ying-Yang, Dark-Light... Too much power at one instant boomerangs !!! Be it anything !!! Hence a study in corporate communication....

Now, memory lane.. This is the same Manoj who posted a comment earlier on your blog and you also left me a comment... I've replied to that on my blog.. I've found the AnU I was looking for.. Coincidence that she and you share the same name :)

Do take a look :D

Keep blogging and me will keep visiting !!!

Regards !!

pRicky said...

it is absolutely and utterly disorienting when irony talks to us and explains what the plain words cant...

Golden Words said...

love that song..
oh and btw, i am quitting my job soon.
dont know what i will do after that, but lets c.

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