writing to clear head!!!

04 February, 2007

will justice ever be done
to express the feeling of
stepping onto venus
moon or mars?

earthly beasts struggle
with what we were
are and will be

the inches of snow
on a slice of bread
collective water
draining into the depths
of a tetrapack
blocks of ice
lazily dropped into
clear mug of chocolate

practice and emotions
done and feel

4 Scribbles:

Prude said...

We will always struggle with what we are and will be.
And I guess u got the ingredients right but what abt the proportions? Couldn't have all just been dropped into the mug of chocolate.
Wish it was as simple as done and feel created.

pRicky said...

are, will and be
answers dont exist
questions are pointless

in the end all and every matters
the bowls of cereal
and the bites of apple
with the tang of the orange

the gaity of the laughs
the mischief of the teehees
18 all my life laughters sunshine
twinkle little stars, the moon will smile

Tsu said...

u know what I ma so confused with what I was feelin I cant reply to those comments .. But thanks!!! ;-)

Me Thinks.. said...

good one...i like the tetra pack part and the ending..the intellectuals have already decipherd your poetry therefore I shall reserve my comments..

@pricky that is some poetry..good job...

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