25 February, 2007

Flutters of a tender butterfly
Chirping birds
Welcoming the sunrise
Shy smile and the nervous giggles

Thousand sand of falling time
In a frenzy
Days of gold and lime
Passing you by

Seasons shift to months
Agonizing over early sunset
Blankets of snow and warmth

To end the feeling
is placing a full stop
madness in continuum

5 Scribbles:

Prude said...

madness in continuum...
ha ha won't say no more...

Manoj said...


Managed to stumble on your blog from orkut when searching for a friend of mine... coincidence should I say... Chennai... London..... and blogs reflect a lot that my blog says..

My travel too has taken me from Chennai to London to now god knows where..... :)

Glad to have stumbled here :D

Will keep visiting...

Take care and keep blogging...

moontalk said...

"days of gold and lime"
hmmm...have never heard of that one before! ;)

ujju said...

beautiful lines, i repeat myself but i think sometimes u pull off very beautiful lines. 'days of gold and lime' 'madness in continuum'..awesome.

Me Thinks.. said...

sexy... I leave it at that

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